Weekend Links: World’s Most Beautiful Kindergarten Buildings and More!

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Wow…amazing! Architect designed kindergarten buildings from around the world! Check out #7. The World’s Most Beautiful Kindergarten Buildings. (Timbuktu)


A private school K-12 education can cost as much as a year of college and parents are racking up debt to pay for it. Private School Education Worth The Cost? (Foxbusiness.com)


A profile of the long-time head of H-W who recently stepped down. Thomas Hudnut Leaves A Legacy of Excellence at Harvard-Westlake (Los Angeles Times)


This article is hilarious! One mom’s comment is very entitled. I’ve never seen this happen at our kids’ school, but I’ve heard it does occur in L.A. too. Stop Sending The Nanny. Expensive Manhattan private schools want parent volunteers, not nanny volunteers. (NY Post)


New head of school at Poly. Polytechnic School, Pasadena names John Bracker as Head of School for 2013-14. (Polytechnic website)


My friend, blogger Jessica Gottlieb, likes what the headmaster at her kids’ L.A. private school has to say about parenting in the age of parental anxiety. (JessicaGottlieb.com)


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The Girls School Advantage

Have a great weekend!- Christina

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  1. Read the “Stop Sending the Nanny” and laughed because as a Den Leader, I had a mom ask me if it was okay for her to send the nanny to the cub scout meetings. I told her that she could, but that it was ‘unusual’ because the whole point was to bond with your son! We’re talking one hour a week in the evening. Sad.

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