Praise For Beyond The Brochure

Beyond The Brochure named one of L.A. Parent Magazine’s Favorite L.A. Bloggers 


“Beyond The Brochure is a page turner!”

Christine Cornsinita, Director of Brentwood Presbyterian Preschool

“Christina Simon and her co-authors have been amazing resources to our preschool families applying to private elementary schools. Beyond the Brochure is really a must-read for any parent considering private school in Los Angeles or going through the admissions process. It has invaluable insight and offers it in a personable and approachable way. If any parent inquires about schools, I automatically hand them this book.”

Sara Perets, Director of The Sunshine Shack Preschool, Hollywood

“This is a great book for first time parents looking for the right school. Let’s face it, it’s a dance and this book has the steps.”

Billy Bush, co-anchor, Access Hollywood, Today Show contributor, host of the radio program, The Billy Bush Show and Curtis School parent.

“It is all about what works best for your child. Beyond The Brochure is a must read because you will need help in sorting through the many choices and the fierce competition at this critical time in your child’s development. Beyond The Brochure is a tool that will definitely help you keep it all in perspective. We wish we’d had it when we were making these important family decisions.”

Mark and Avis Ridley-Thomas, Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and his wife are the parents of twin boys who attended the Wilkerson Academy of Learning, the Pilgrim School, and Loyola High School, and they both recently graduated from the historical Morehouse College.

Beyond The Brochure is the perfect tool for parents like us getting ready to jump into the elementary school pool. Having grown up in New York, I was completely unfamiliar with the diverse selection of private elementary schools in Los Angeles. It is a relief to have a step-by-step guide to get through this maze of a process. The book offers strategies for having effective interviews and a clear understanding of the real factors considered in admissions decisions and financial aid. Beyond The Brochure lends a nurturing hand to hold as you search for the school that will help your child thrive.”

Amy Levy, President of Amy Levy Public Relations. Amy and her husband, Chad Savage, are parents at Temple Isaiah Preschool.

“The L.A. Private school application process is extremely intimidating and stressful. At every turn you will be greeted by panic, hysteria and misinformation… that is, until now! Read this book, follow their advice and you will increase your chances of acceptance exponentially. How do I know? It worked for us when we got into our first and only choice, in a year of record breaking applications.”

Dayna Devon, Former Co-Host, Extra, and parent at Curtis School, Child Accepted For Developmental Kindergarten, Fall 2010

“Beyond The Brochure’s insider’s tips and suggestions gave me a calm confidence in navigating the private school waters. What can be a daunting and overwhelming process was made more manageable as it was outlined in a step-by-step manner and came with recommendations such as not becoming too fixed on a predetermined idea of what the “best” school is. Porcha, Anne and Christina’s research was right: there is an incredible array of wonderful private schools out there. And, with composed perseverance, you will end up with the right fit.”

Julia Trainor, parent at Oakwood School, Child Accepted For Kindergarten, Fall 2010

“Beyond the Brochure: An Insider’s Guide To Private Elementary Schools In Los Angeles is fantastic! It helped us navigate the admissions process from beginning to end! I don’t know what we would have done without it. Every chapter was so informative that I can’t even begin to choose which chapter(s) were the most helpful. This book is an absolute must-have for anyone applying to private elementary schools!”

Linda Suslow, parent at Laurence School, Child Accepted For Kindergarten, Fall 2010

September 30, 2009: KIRKUS Review of Beyond The Brochure: An Insider’s Guide To Private Elementary Schools In Los Angeles

KIRKUS Discoveries
Nielsen Buisness Media
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New York, New York 10003

“This comprehensive guide to successfully enrolling a child into the competitive Los Angeles private elementary schools is an indispensable resource for parents. The book is authored by three women, each with a background that makes them credible authorities on the subject. Two have experience reviewing private-school applications as well as administering testing procedures and school tours, while the third is a parent who has successfully placed her two children in a L.A. private school. The book outlines the process of finding the right school and getting your child in. The authors explore various types of schools and detail their different philosophies and teaching strategies. They also tackle the parental and school interview, the tour experience, the application process and more—right up to the child’s first day of school.

Simon, et al. provide reassuring advice on enduring this intimidating process (which is every bit as daunting as applying to college), and cite a startling statistic—a top-notch school in L.A. may receive more than 500 applications for 30 kindergarten spaces. When choosing a school, the authors suggest that parents consider the child’s personality and learning style, the educational philosophy of the school, the tuition costs and the proximity of the school to home.

In addition, Simon, et al. weigh the benefits of hiring an educational consultant — though they cost $150 or more per hour, they may help clients narrow the list of potential schools, where the cost of each application averages $100. The authors include detailed sample applications and letters of recommendation, a list of questions to ask during the parental interview (as well as questions not to ask) and several testimonials from parents who’ve been through the process. The book also provides examples of test questions from an assessment and readiness exam which children may be required to take. Though the admissions process may seem complex, the book’s affirmative tone should calm and reassure even the most frazzled parent. An instructive, all-encompassing guide that’s essential for parents attempting to find the best school for their child in the City of Angels.”