Welcome New Readers! And A Few Things You Might Not Know…

A warm welcome to our new readers who subscribed to the blog, bought the book, followed on Facebook and Twitter or just stopped by. We appreciate you! And, of course our longtime readers are the absolute best!

Here are a few things that might interest you if you’re new here:

  1. Beyond The Brochure, the award-winning blog and book are written by a stepmother/stepdaughter duo, Anne Simon and Christina Simon. Our co-author Porcha Dodson is no longer involved with Beyond The Brochure but her contributions were invaluable. We also appreciate our amazing guest authors.
  2. We respond to all emails! Really, we do. mailto:csimon2007@gmail.com. We try to answer questions and offer resources. We take confidentiality seriously and reader correspondence is handled with the utmost discretion.
  3. Beyond The Brochure is 10 years old! It has been featured in press articles in The Daily Beast, Town and Country, Los Angeles Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter and many more. But, we’ve never been in The Los Angeles Times. #BucketList
  4. The blog has evolved over the years. We like to think it has aged like fine wine. It’s a bit less snarky perhaps, although that can always change. We write less frequently, but we still try to give our readers information they can’t find anyplace else. The blog’s archives are a great resource.
  5. Our audience is YOU, parents looking for the best Los Angeles private schools for their kids. We have relationships with many of the L.A. private schools. However, while we respect them, we would never abandon a blog post because we might offend them. Private schools are powerful institutions and we want prospective parents to have all the information they need to successfully navigate the incredibly rigorous application process.
  6. There are private school admissions directors and heads of schools who love us. There are private school admissions directors and heads of school who hate us. Same with preschool directors. Christina speaks at several preschools and is booked for speaking events at private venues.
  7. Christina’s daughter, Ryann, is a freshman at Northwestern University, Medill School of Journalism. Her son, Dylan, is a sophomore at Viewpoint School. They both attended The Willows School prior to Viewpoint. She is married to Barry Perlstein and they live in Coldwater Canyon.
  8. Anne, who lives in Virginia, is also an educational consultant, taking a very limited number of clients each year. A retired private school headmaster, Anne loves spending time with her grandchildren, riding horses and volunteering. Christina is not a consultant, but has close working relationships with many of the best educational consultants in Los Angeles who she refers families to.
  9. We will publish a new edition of the book when we think there is new information to add. It won’t happen this year. Maybe in 2021!
  10. Christina is the senior nonfiction editor of a literary journal, Angels Flight Literary West. She also writes creative nonfiction essays. You can see her published nonfiction writing here. In her spare time, she is in a book club, two writers groups, and a volunteer at 826LA, where she helps students write their college essays and plays tennis.

That’s all for now! New post coming soon about the boards of directors at L.A. private schools. –Christina

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