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I hope you’re enjoying your weekend and the daylight savings time that’s coming. I can’t wait for the time change!  I’ll be taking a Soul Cycle class with my daughter, keeping my fingers crossed for everyone who will get high school letters tomorrow, cooking and attending a panel discussion about writing. Happy Weekend! –Christina


25 Signs You’re An L.A. Parent. This piece made me laugh because I recognized a bunch of ways I’m an L.A. parent like driving to the park at the end of the street (ugh!). (Red Tricycle)


My Friend Has A Son Who Is Autistic. This refreshingly honest piece reminded me of the time when a mom at The Willows asked me how she could make a new black family (who seemed obviously uncomfortable at the school), feel more comfortable. I told her to treat them like she’d treat everyone else. (NYT Motherlode)


How Not To Be That Sports Parent. Oh, how I love this article. My son plays club soccer and basketball, in addition to Viewpoint’s school sports. That’s a lot of time, energy, money and a reflection of how much he loves sports (playing, watching, talking about). I cringe when I hear parents berating their kids for a mistake during a game. Yet it happens all the time. Good sportsmanship must apply to parents, too. It has to. (NYT Motherlode)


From Beyond The Brochure’s Facebook Page:

Why I’m A Public School Teacher But A Private School Parent. This article is going to make some people angry, but it’s an interesting read. I understand it completely as a mom who went to L.A. public schools from elementary-graduate school and who has kids in private school.(The Atlantic)


Nanny Regrets: I Ignored The Warning Signs. I shared this piece I wrote for Mom.me about one of the only times I’ve ignored my intuition that was telling me something was wrong. (Mom.me)


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