Touring Brentwood School: There’s A Lot To Like

When I toured Brentwood School a few years ago in search of an elementary school for our daughter, it seemed like I had found the perfect school. Brentwood has it all: strong academics, a blend of traditional and developmental elements throughout its programs, sports programs, a stunning campus and impressive administrators, all in an upscale location.

My husband and I attended a prospective parents open house. I’ll be honest. It was intimidating. There were hundreds of parents in the big auditorium. The school administrators gave an overview of the school and its programs. There was nervous energy in the room. Lots of parents on Blackberrys. Tons of Prada and designer clothing. Talk of private jets and lavish lifestyles are common when Brentwood is mentioned. I didn’t care. The parents I know who have kids at Brentwood are successful professionals (oh, and I do know one heir to a legendary American fortune whose kids go there). But, one thing was obvious: we all loved what we were hearing and seeing at the open house.

The tour was lead by a very nice mom. It was short and to the point. We walked through the kindergarten classrooms with a small group of other prospective parents. The mom leading the tour answered a few questions about the school. Everything ran smoothly and on time.

Ultimately, we didn’t apply to Brentwood. It was too far from our house. The drive would have been debilitating.

I talked to a mom who told me she toured the school last year and the Prada wear I had seen was less evident. She saw lots of Tory Burch. Perhaps the recession had impacted Brentwood too, we speculated. Had the Fashionistas become Recessionistas?

We may have passed on the elementary school, but, for my kids, secondary school still lies ahead!

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2 thoughts to “Touring Brentwood School: There’s A Lot To Like”

  1. I think you'll be in luck. I believe Brentwood has a bus. So secondary school might be completely doable. It's a great school.

  2. Ha! When I first toured Brentwood in the spring of 2008, I spotted what seemed like one out of every three women in Tory Burch. My husband pointed to my bag and flats and laughed at me, and that's when I decided to ban the Burch. I did have to wonder, however, how we had all ended up at the same Open House in the same designer. It was uncanny!

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