Sometimes Having Kids In School Only Makes You Lonelier by Jessica Gottlieb

Here’s an honest and insightful post by LA mom blogger, Jessica Gottlieb. If you’ve found yourself at a school where its hard to make friends with other moms, read this piece! I can definitely relate to it.

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2 thoughts to “Sometimes Having Kids In School Only Makes You Lonelier by Jessica Gottlieb”

  1. I recently had this conversation with a friend and we both agreed that having “friends” at our children’s schools is not that important to us. If it happens, great. If not, oh well. There are very few people who I associate with at my children’s school and I am really okay with that. I already have really great, great friends. I’m not so focused on “friends by association”. I think it’s more important for our children to make friends.

  2. Hi Anon, thanks for your comment! I think a lot of moms share your point of view. The only issue I have is that when the kids are in K, moms have to make an effort if the kids are going to have any friends. That means hanging out with other moms, sometimes.

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