Reflecting On 9 Years At The Wesley School by Jessica Gottlieb

Wesley School


My friend Jessica Gottlieb is feeling nostalgic after 9 years at The Wesley School, a K-8 in N. Hollywood.


“I’ve just signed the contract for Alexander’s High School. Now that we’ve completed the application process for a second child I’d like to talk to you about The Wesley School where both my children attended elementary and middle school. In the coming weeks parents of middle school kids and then a week later elementary students will get their acceptance letters and have decisions to make about which school to attend. This is written for you, the prospective parent. Hopefully it will help you make a decision.”

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2 thoughts to “Reflecting On 9 Years At The Wesley School by Jessica Gottlieb”

  1. Carrying Charge??? Forgive me, I’m new to all this. What is a carrying charge?
    If I pay tuition in full, will I have to pay a carrying charge?

  2. Hi, we are considering The Wesley School for my daughter who is going into kindergarten. Thank you for sharing your experience. Have you kept in touch with the school since? Would you know parents who send their kids there now? We are looking for a school that is academically strong, will prepare her for high school well, and is a nurturing environment.

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