Reader Question: Resume Building To Appeal To Schools?

One of our readers asked us what things she should “build up” or emphasize on her “resume” as a parent to be more appealing during the school admissions process.

This is a great question!
As we’ve said many times before, private elementary schools are evaluating the child AND the family. It’s so important for you as a parent to highlight your skills, volunteer work, charity work and anything else you think you’ll be able to contribute to your child’s elementary school.
If your child is currently at preschool and has another year there, get involved, if possible. Private elementary schools like to see a track record of school volunteerism. Simply paying tuition and never helping out isn’t what they like to see.
Really think about your professional and volunteer skills and how they could apply to a private elementary school environment.
Parents sometimes underestimate the unique and in-demand skills they possess so they don’t mention them on the application or in the parent interview. Your skills have been developed over a professional career, your time at preschool, your time as a mom and your work in your community. All these experiences can be relevant! But, nobody will know about them unless you break them down into specific, “can-do” skills and abilities:
For example:
  • I’m skilled with graphic design computer programs and can train volunteers to use them
  • We own a restaurant and often donate to locate community events
  • As a volunteer, I chaired a non profit organization’s committee to bring in donations for our charity event
  • I’m a writer and would love to help with any school publications like the newsletter, website, etc.
  • We just re-landscaped our back yard and would welcome the opportunity to work in the school garden
  • We own a small printing business and would be happy to donate printing services for school events (invitations, flyers, announcements)
  • And, you can just simply say, “I’d be happy to help out with whatever is needed at your school…I really want to be involved”. What admissions director wouldn’t want to hear that from a prospective parent?
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Christina Simon: Los Angeles, California, United States I'm the mom of a daughter (12th grade) and a son (9th grade) who attend Viewpoint School in Calabasas. I live in Coldwater Canyon with my family and a rescue pit bull, Piper. Contact me at

2 thoughts to “Reader Question: Resume Building To Appeal To Schools?”

  1. I thought the only one gonna take the interview before entering preschools and elementary are the upcoming student, I didn’t knew even the parents should have small interview and this must also pass to let the child enroll. Well I guess I can’t remember this when I was a child and I haven’t experience it for my siblings since I’m too you young to have one. But still the knowledge your share us will be kept. Thanks

  2. This is such a terrific post. During our first round of interviews for preschool we had no idea that admissions directors would be interested in specifics from us about what we, as parents, could bring to the school. Having read your book and by following this blog I now feel so much more informed and ready for the interviews when we apply for Kindergarten!

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