Reader Emails: Your Perspective About Fall 2014 Admissions Letters


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We get more emails than comments on this blog from our wonderful readers. So, we thought we’d share a few of the genuine, heartfelt messages we’ve received in the past few days.


“We got into 5 schools. It feels great after trying before and getting so much rejection!”  —Westside Mom



“I wanted to thank you for your blog. I am a parent on the Westside and a reader of your blog “Beyond The Brochure,” which has been a great resource for my family. We applied to 5 elementary schools for Kindergarten admissions for fall 2014.  Your blog has been great, and it was an excellent source of information for us throughout this process. I wanted to thank you again so much. –Westside Dad



“It didn’t work out for us this year. We applied to one school but didn’t get in. Upset and discouraged. —Santa Monica Mom



“We were accepted to 3 of the 4 schools we applied to. I am telling you — for the two schools that were our top choices, we followed your book and blog advice to a “T”. From the thank you notes to the tours to the essays, etc. —Pasadena Mom



“I’m having trouble choosing between schools that are very similar.” —Los Angeles Mom



“When I called one school, they basically acted like we shouldn’t bother applying. Another school dismissed me as fast as they could. That was a big turnoff. My child isn’t old enough to apply until next year, but I won’t forget. This is a two-way process.” —Los Angeles Mom



“Two For Two”–Valley Mom



“This process sucks! It really does. Well, I said that before my kid got in everywhere but I STILL think it sucks.” –Hancock Park Mom



“Got in, got wait-listed and got rejectedthanks for your blog!” –Culver City Mom


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