Radom Questions For Guest Blogger Jenny AND The New $1,600 Bugaboo Donkey Stroller

Writing a blog doesn’t necessarily require the writer to share much about themself although many bloggers do.  I’m such a private person that it still amazes me that I even have a blog. Beyond The Brochure isn’t a confessional blog, so it’s not filled with stories about my personal life. But, a few months ago, it occurred to me that some of you might want to know more about the moms on this site who are offering advice about private school admissions and writing about what life is really like at some of these schools. 

So, I’ve posted some of Jenny and my recent blog pieces we’ve written for other sites, that offer more personal details about us (we’ve even told you our ages!). Who knows, maybe my co-authors, Anne and Porcha will tell-all too! 

My favorite blogs tell me enough information about the writer so I can identify with them, understand them, learn from them and laugh with them. I relate to my favorite bloggers in some intrinsic way and therefore keep reading their blogs. That’s one of my favorite aspects of blogging, which is more personal than reading a newspaper (which I like too!). Of course, with a newspaper, you rarely get to know anything about a reporter whose stories you read regularly and whose writing you admire. So, in the interest of Oprah-style full disclosure, here are a few random questions for our favorite guest blogger, Jenny Heitz. Oh, and she has a question for me too. 

What is your daughter Anna like (besides being super-smart)?
Anna is a very funny, very irreverent, high-energy person. She has always had precise likes and dislikes, and she’s pretty socially savvy. Anna will always find the work around in order to get what she wants, so it requires a certain level of energy to keep one step ahead of her. She’s also a nice kid. She’s sweet to animals and younger children, and tries hard to steer clear of mean girls. Overall, I’m very proud of her and can’t believe she’s my kid.

Are you a “Free Range” type of mom?
I think I thought in free range terms before there was a term for it. I tend not to worry about stuff like abduction and stranger danger, as it’s highly unlikely. Anna needs to learn how to function in the world on her own terms, and it’s my job to teach her how to do that, which means letting her do things on her own, away from me. This will be her third year at sleep away camp, which has always been a mixed bag, socially, for Anna. I’m hoping that this new camp will be different, even though I think she gained a lot out of the other camp experiences despite the mean girls in the cabin.

Is there anything about being a mom that makes you panic?
As I previously stated, I don’t panic about the usual stuff like abduction or the house catching on fire. The one thing about being a mom that I didn’t anticipate was the importance of sleep. I took sleep for granted until I was 34. Now, I feel like there’s this hopeless sleep deficit and I’ll never catch up. Going to bed has become the highlight of my day, and a chance to sleep in is the most luxurious thing I can think of. Seriously, I’m either regressing into an adolescent or fast forwarding into an old fart, and neither scenario holds appeal. Nothing fills me with panic more than realizing I’m going to have a crummy night’s sleep, that will effect every single brutal move I make the following day, until making dinner feels like the culinary equivalent of the Gulag. Yes, I know this is pathetic. 

Can you summarize Attachment Parenting in one sentence?
Attachment Parenting is a misguided and socially impractical attempt to compensate for one’s own inadequate childhood.

What does your ex-husband do? Does he read your blog posts?
My ex is a lawyer. I have no idea if he reads my posts on any kind of regular basis (creepy). But he has read some of my work, and greatly objects to my involving Anna in the process. Anna, on the other hand, was outraged when she found out I use a fake name for her, exclaiming “How are people going to know who I am? And I HATE the name Anna!” Kid, “go ask your father” is all I have to say about that.

How many Facebook friends do you have? Are you on Twitter?
I don’t have a lot of Facebook friends. I think it’s under 150. I guess I’m just not popular. And I just put a Twitter button on my blog to find out where all the LA food trucks are at any given moment, just in case I feel like having a Kogi taco on the fly. I also post items of interest for Find A Toad readers. 

Do you have anything in common with The Bloggess? (Gawker called her an “interesting psycho” because she stalked William Shatner on Twitter. She also rides a medical scooter at Disneyland)
Well, we share a first name! No, I have very little else in common with her. I would never stalk William Shatner, and I pretty much hate Disneyland (although maybe if you’re on a medical scooter, you get to cut ahead in line… I’d be in support of that). The Bloggess has occasional posts of comedic brilliance, and I enjoy her, but I think our humor is a bit different. 

Do you watch any reality TV shows?
I watch paranormal shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. I find them both horribly boring and amusing. And I don’t find them nearly as scary as anything involving housewives. 

Do you think Barack Obama is hot?
Yes, I think he’s hotter than any other president we’ve had, although that competition’s not that stiff. Mostly, I think he’s smart and interesting and has depth. And yes, I find all that very attractive.

Is French First Lady Carla Bruni trying to steal Barack Obama in lieu of her short, conservative husband?
God, I hope not. Michelle could so take her in a catfight.           

Do you have a favorite hobby?
I do trapeze at a circus school near my house. I’ve been doing it for about a year now and feel like I’ve made big improvements. It’s very very hard, but learning to do it has been incredibly rewarding. One of the great side benefits is that you get in incredible shape without realizing you’re exercising. The downside is that you’re covered in bruises and rope burns, so it look like someone’s been beating you.

Jenny, so you have a question for me? 
Christina, do you keep the BTB nasty comments you receive in a special file or spot? And do you reread them sometimes? We love reader comments! But, no, I don’t keep the nasty comments in a special file. I post them (or most of them, except for truly crude or inappropriate ones). If they’re mean, I hit DELETE as fast as possible and never look back. 

As I’ve written previously, having a blog requires me to be less sensitive and have a thick skin because not everyone will like what I (we) do all of the time. Beyond The Brochure is unique and growing pretty fast and I’m really proud of it. I won’t approve comments that personally attack me or our guest bloggers. What blogger would?  I rejected an anonymous comment because it was rude and demanded I remove an apostrophe from a word. It was a gratuitous comment that would add nothing to any discussion.  I’ll use whatever grammar I want! No, I’m not always perfect, but this ain’t the New York Times.  

Want to know what Jenny thinks about the new (gasp!) $1,6oo Bugabook “Donkey” Stroller? Click on her guest post on one of our favorite mom blogs, Sane Moms

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