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  • There is a Westside private school with a bus route that sounds more like “maps of the stars homes” because the school bus stops in front of private homes…personalized service to pick up the kids of wealthy and famous families, including a founding member of Fleetwood Mac, even though one home is only 3 blocks from the school.
  • A mom at this third-tier private elementary school in the Valley with a fancy sounding name stole the school’s credit card. She was arrested earlier this year, placed in the Van Nuys jail and sentenced to several years in jail for numerous forgery and other fraud charges. 
  • This school’s very desirable location and brief mention on the website that it was founded by Christian Scientists, belies its very conservative, religious culture and values. In fact, it’s so socially conservative that the word “gay” is discussed only in hushed whispers around campus. A former reality show plastic surgeon is a celebrity dad at the school.
  • Does your kid’s school hold a low-key annual family potluck? That’s definitely not the trend at one traditional Valley school where a group of moms insisted on doing away with the “low rent” potluck tradition and instead holding an upscale school event at a swank venue with fancy finger food at a cost of nearly $100 per family. They “forgot” to notify the school of this change, knowing the administration wouldn’t allow it.
  • One of our friends tells us that there are 18 girls in 7th grade at Marlborough this year who attended The Center For Early Education. Can you say, “feeder school?”


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  1. I don’t think that anyone will ever tire of your Private Elementary School buzz. I was drawn in and want more stories!

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