Year End Is Almost Here and Summer Is Near

I can’t believe it’s almost summer vacation. Since my kids started school at The Willows School, time has moved really fast.

When my kids were in preschool, everything seemed very s-l-o-w. Now, I can barely keep up!

My daughter, who is in third grade, will take the ERB test soon (this is the standardized test required for all private/independent school students in third or fourth grade). It’s sort of like a mini SAT with math and reading comprehension sections. The kids are tested over several days and results are sent to each family. As you may know, it’s a BIG DEAL.

A few nights ago, my husband took the kids to The Willows School’s “Family Science Night”. The kids had a chance to see hands-on science learning in action with activities presented by teachers across the grade levels. Highlights included an activity featuring some of the Rube Goldberg-style machine constructions from the year, which illustrate the principles of force and motion; a demonstration of student-designed, mousetrap-powered cars; activities with digital microscopes and the hand-held ProScopes; and a mysterious DNA decoding activity!

In first grade, the kids are learning about careers, jobs, professions. Parents have been coming to class to talk to the kids about their jobs. My son’s favorite was when the dad who owns a hair salon came to class to cut and style one of the teacher’s hair! My son was thrilled when he got to sweep up the hair just like in a real salon.

Next week, my daughter will head to El Capitan for two-day field trip with the Willows School’s 3rd Grade. I admit, I’m a bit nervous since she’s never been on a two-night trip without me (I didn’t sign up to chaperone the trip…I’m not much of a camper). But, last year the second grade went on an overnight field trip to Sea World and she had a blast.

Fast forward to summer, which will be filled with camp, camp and more camp. UCLA Basketball Camp and Iverbe Sports Camp & Iverbe Soccer Camp for my son. My daughter and several of her friends will attend Marlborough School’s summer program then my daughter will do a three week tennis camp. FYI: Iverbe Summer Camp (the amazing summer camp at The Willows School ) just announced a junior camp for 3-4 year olds.

That’s all for now…I’m getting ready to take my daughter shopping at Target for her camping trip.

Admissions Notes

Now that the admissions process is over (unless you’re on a wait-list), we wanted to share some of the feedback we’ve received from parents who went through the process for Fall 2010. Here’s what we heard:

What went right:
  • Several families applied to lots of schools i.e. 5 or more and were accepted at several schools
  • Several families told the school what they loved about the school (being very specific)
  • Several families asked their contacts/friends for letters of recommendation
  • Families spent the time to write each application tailored to the specific school rather than cutting & pasting the same generic answers for each school
  • Two kids got accepted from wait-lists already
What went wrong:
  • Several families applied to 3 or fewer schools and were not accepted at any of them
  • One parent challenged the school’s educational philosophy during the parent interview and didn’t get into the school
  • A family whose child attended a very traditional preschool (parochial) but applied to developmental/progressive elementary schools without explaining the reason was wait-listed
  • A few parents who didn’t complete their financial aid forms in time but cannot afford tuition were wait-listed or declined admission
We’ll post more admissions notes if you’d like to share them with us… or leave a comment (you can remain anonymous).

Private Elementary School Fashion Alert!

What are moms at private elementary schools wearing these days? We’re sure you’ve been wondering what “uniform” moms at various schools wear. We thought we’d lighten things up a bit with this fashion dispatch.

Curtis School

The Look:“See and Be Scene”

What they’re wearing now:

·Skinny Jeans by 7 For All Mankind, Rock & Republic &Citizens of Humanity

·Tory Burch tunics and flats

·Cashmere sweaters

·Gucci oversized sunglasses

·Diamond earrings

·Chanel and Hermes handbags

·10 carat wedding rings

Favorite Magazines: Vogue, Angeleno

Fashion Icon: Supermodel Heidi Klum


The Willows Community School

The Look: Fashion Forward”

What they’re wearing now:

·J Brand Skinny Jeans, Joe’s Jeans, Levis & Rock & Republic

·Sigerson Morrison gladiator sandals

· Hair by Neil George Salon, Beverly Hills

·Rag and Bone, Twenty 8 Twelve Leather Jackets

·Stella McCartney, Diane Von Furstenberg, Alice & Olivia

·Yves St. Laurent, Prada & Chloe Handbags

·Jewelry from The Bead Boutique on 3rd St.

Favorite Magazine: In Style

Fashion Icon: Cameron Diaz


Westland School

The Look: Rich Hippie

What They’re Wearing Now:

·Long hair (no Brazilian blow outs)

·No makeup

·Birkenstock or Chloe sandals


·Leather jackets by Rag and Bone, Twenty 8 Twelve & Rick Owens

·Eco-friendly clothes

·Phillip Lim, Miu Miu

·Converse tennis shoes

Favorite Magazine: Vanity Fair

Fashion Icon: Julia Roberts


Campbell Hall:

The Look: “Classic Chic”

What They’re Wearing Now:

·Short Hair

·J Crew Khaki trousers

·Button down shirts

· Dillon Rogers Name Disc Necklaces

·Espadrille wedges

·Coach handbags

·CJ Jeans

· Wrap sweaters & yoga pants

·Elie Tahari & Ann Taylor

·Louis Vuitton Handbags

Favorite Magazines: Oprah’sO Magazine, Redbook

Fashion Icon: Reese Witherspoon


The Center For Early Education

The Look: “Haute Hipster”

What They’re Wearing Now:

·J Brand Skinny Jeans

·Anything Balenciaga or Marc Jacobs

·Motorcycle boots

·T-shirts and big scarves

·Leggings w/ oversized sweaters and wide belts

·Christian Louboutin shoes

·Chanel Handbags

·High/low mix of jewelry

·Long hair (extensions when needed & Brazilian blow-outs a must)

Favorite Magazine: Elle

Fashion Icon: Angelina Jolie


Oakwood School:

The Look: Earth Mother”

What They’re Wearing Now:

·Cargo Pants from The Gap

·American Apparel t-shirts

· Henry Cuir handbags

· Marni or any boho-chic wear

· Anthropologie, vintage inspired aesthetic

·Anorak Jackets


·Patchouli oil, hair color optional

Favorite Magazines: Mother Jones, Self

Fashion Icon: Musician Cheryl Crow


Brentwood School:

The Look: “Country Club Chic”

What They’re Wearing Now:

·Anything Prada or Gucci

·Tory Burch tunics and shoes

·Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dresses

·Jeweled sandals


·Bottega Veneta handbags

·Juicy Couture

Favorite Magazine: Town and Country

Fashion Icon: Brooke Shields


Buckley School

The Look: “Uber-Luxe”

What They’re Wearing Now:

·Skinny Jeans

·Anything Fendi or Gucci

·Ballet Flats

·Gucci Sunglasses

· Hermes Kelly or Birkin Bags

·Anything Chanel

·Diamond embellished watches

Favorite Magazine:Harper’s Bazaar

Fashion Icon: Kimora Lee Simmons