Nobody Said This Would Be Easy…

Applying to private elementary schools in L.A. felt like the longest job search ever. One that seems to go on and on, with no feedback until the very end. Endless callbacks, rounds of meetings with strangers. Talking about yourself until you completely lose interest in the entire topic. Discussing your precious child. Having your child tested. Hearing, “Mommy where are we going again?” Then, suddenly, there’s a lot of feedback. In March, schools are telling you THE NEWS.


My lovely daughter in a play at Montessori Shir- Hashirim preschool


I had ups and downs, spin arounds and panicky thoughts when we applied to kindergarten for my daughter. I wanted a wonderful private school for her so badly. My own experience wasn’t one I hoped she’d repeat. Some of you may be legacies at private schools, keeping your fingers crossed that your kid will have the same incredible experience you had. Either way, rejecting the past or hoping to emulate it, doesn’t ease the anxiety of it all. You still want acceptance letters. Fat envelopes. Or emails (schools don’t typically email rejections).


Thoughts ran wild.


Maybe we should pack up and move. Anyplace but L.A. Iowa! Idaho. Maine.


Or go to Beverly Hills Juice Company for the best smoothie ever.

BH Juice Company, Beverly Blvd.

Let’s apply to only one school to make it a lot easier.


We don’t have a chance against all the celebrities in L.A. who have fame and fortune, privledged kids and private jets.


All this for kindergarten!


Angst reigns.


My moods during that time made Woody Allen seem normal. Was I really that neurotic?


Through the years


Why do I want this so bad? Its all for my adorable, funny, beautiful girl.


I don’t really care; either way is fine. Oh, God. No its not!


Read to escape. Escape to read.


On my nightstand (Taken with Instagram)


Indulge in your favorite things…US Weekly, books, a manicure. A big cup of coffee. Savor it slowly and enjoy the buzz. Have another one. Revel in the self-created misfortunes of untalented, egocentric, overpaid celebrities. The Kardashians. That always helps!


Coffee and celebrity gossip! (Taken with Instagram)


Laugh with friends about the ridiculousness of it all.


Tomorrow is another interview.


Two down, three to go.

Maybe the stars will align perfectly…or realign if absolutely necessary.



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