More Private Elementary School Buzz

Marlborough School has 100 feeder schools: “As you can imagine, having good relationships with our feeder school principals is essential to our success in promoting Marlborough School’s reputation throughout the Los Angeles community,” Director of Admissions Jeanette Woo Chitjian said. Although the student body comes from roughly a hundred feeder schools, the Admissions Office would like to increase that number, Woo Chitjian said. (source: Marlborough School New Ultraviolet Newletter, 2009). 

– One top Westside preschool director is so concerned that parents at her preschool are only applying to the same very difficult-to-get-into three schools (John Thomas Dye, Brentwood, Carlthorp) and not getting in, that she has begun inviting other schools to visit her preschool in an effort to encourage parents to apply to a broader range of private elementary schools.

– Marcia Capparela, Asst. Head of School at Wildwood and longtime friend of Beyond The Brochure Co-Author, Anne Simon, will be leaving her position to join Westland School on Mulholland. Good luck in your new position, Marcia!


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