Have We Applied To Enough L.A. Private Elementary Schools?

If you’re wondering (like I was) whether you’ve applied to enough schools, there are schools with January 2012 application deadlines. In Beyond The Brochure, we discuss this issue in detail. Obviously, there’s no perfect number, but if the schools you’ve selected are super-competitive, or you’re applying for financial aid, consider adding one or two more to your list. Here are a few schools with January 2012 admissions deadlines:

Campbell Hall: The deadline for all applications is Friday, January 27th, 2012.

St. James Episcopal School. Submit your application to the Admissions Office with the $100 non-refundable application fee as soon as possible, but no later than January 13, 2012. Late applications received will be considered after April if space is available. 

New Roads: January 20, 2012. Deadline for completed applications

Pilgrim School: Jan. 31s, 2012. 

PS #1. Still accepting applications for Fall 2012. 

Children’s Community School. Deadline is Jan. 27, 2012.  

Laurence School. Deadline is Jan. 15, 2012. 

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Christina Simon: Los Angeles, California, United States I'm the mom of two kids who attended The Willows School in Culver City and Viewpoint School in Calabasas. My daughter is a graduate of Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism ('23) and my son is a sophomore at UPenn/Wharton ('26). I live in Coldwater Canyon with my husband, Barry, and our dogs. Contact me at csimon2007@gmail.com

13 thoughts to “Have We Applied To Enough L.A. Private Elementary Schools?”

  1. Hello Christina:
    I think we have applied to "enough" schools, but I am having difficulty choosing my favorite! There are a lot of great schools out there!
    And the thought of only telling ONE of them that they are out TOP choice makes me scared that we will lesson our chances of getting into ANY of them. (What if the ONE school we choose to tell the admissions folks that they are our top choice simply does not have room for us?)
    I dont want to be disingenuous, but I want to make sure we are doing all we can to get acceptance letters, and i am truly struggling with a "#1" choice.
    One of my friends said she told all three schools that they were her "top" choice. I don't want to be insincere, but don't want to limit us by picking just one to communicate a message of strong interest to.
    Do all schools really need to hear or want to know that they are #1?
    Do admissions directors talk to each other about their applicants?
    (I overheard a father at a Christmas party saying that they all talk, and make some joint decisions, such as "we will offer this family a spot, so you don't have to"… etc….
    thanks for your answer.
    Your truly,

  2. Hi Anon, it isn't mandatory that you pick a first choice school and tell that school they're your first choice. Many families prefer not to do that. It's a tricky issue and one that has to be handled carefully. We talk about this in our book and during our speaking events. If you really don't have a favorite school, you can let all the schools know how much you like them and what a great fit they'd be for your child and your family–indicating a very strong interest, but stopping short of saying #1 choice. I do think some admissions directors talk to each other and others don't discuss admissions with their colleagues (competitors). I worked with our very skilled preschool director on this issue to make sure I didn't make any mistakes. Hope that helps!

  3. Thank you, Christina. your voice of reason is appreciated. Perhaps I've been just too nervous and overthinking it all! you are the best!
    Can't wait for your "scoop" post later this week.

  4. Hello:
    When in general are admissions decisions made by the schools? I know many have a mutually agreed upon date of March 23rd for sending out their letters, but how far in advance of this date do they pick families? I’ve been planning to attend some school events, as well as ask friends for letters of recommendation, and I want to do this soon enough, but not so early that it’s not fresh in the AD’s mind later.
    Thank you for your insight.

  5. After applying to a few schools and touring, going on interviews, and child visitation days, I thought the process was finally over. I noticed lately I’ve been getting emails about attending various school events. Up until now I’ve been disregarding these emails. With all the required events we have to go to I really don’t want to go to any more. I am now starting to think that these school events are probably something I should have attended. Have I’ve ruined my chances of standing out on the application? I feel like these emails of events were a test to see if I really want to be apart of the school community and to see how accessible I will be if
    my child was to attend the school. I just wanted to know if you attended extra events at the school, and if you think they are important for admission?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Jenn, I didn’t attend all the events I was invited to, but only a few. The admissions directors want prospective families to attend, but it’s not mandatory. You really shouldn’t feel bad if they didn’t fit into your schedule. If there are any others coming up, think about going. But, you definitely did not ruin your chances! These are not required events, only optional. Thank you letters and letters of recommendation can be very helpful at this point!

      1. Thanks Christina! I will definately try to attend any remaining events. Hopefully I will get some more email invites.

  6. Hi Anon 4:58, most of the schools meet to discuss applications after the entire process is over i.e. after the last family has had their parent interview and the last child has been tested, etc. I think attending school events is a good idea. Imagine if you were hiring job candidates and you hosted an event. You’d want a successful event and you’d appreciate those individuals who took the time to attend the event. It shows an extra level of interest in the school on your part! It’s not too early to ask for letters of recommendation…sometimes it takes time for friends to write them and sometimes you have to ask more than once.

  7. Hello Christina,
    I think I’m having a mini-meltdown this weekend. I can’t believe there are still two weeks left, and now my husband and I are at odds a bit about something: We both have different #1 choices. We have applied to five schools and have been hard pressed to pick “THE top choice”! I sent a “we will accept” letter in the heat of passion to one school about three weeks ago… That school is not HIS top choice mainly because it’s the further commute, and he wants to send a “we will accept” letter to HIS top choice. I don’t want to over-rule him, but is it going to bite us in the you know what to send two schools a “we will accept” type of letter?
    Freaking out in West LA…..

    1. This is such a stressful time as you wait for admissions letters. I’ve been there! My opinion is that since you’ve already sent one “we will accept” letter to a school, you probably should not send a second letter to a different school. You can only enroll at one school, so to send two of those letters would be disingenuous, as you know. Of course, some parents do send two or more “we will accept” letters and completely disregard the fact that they can’t all be true. Can it backfire? Sure, depending on which schools are involved. Here’s what I’d do: send a very nice letter to your husband’s first choice school, stopping just short of saying you’ll enroll if accepted. That is an honest way to express very strong interest in the school. Also, realize that many parents don’t send “we will accept” letters (or any letters at all). It’s really not required. I hope this helps. And, good luck! Christina

      1. Thank you, Christina! As usual, you help calm my nerves and clear my head. 🙂

        1. Freaking Out in West LA: You’re very welcome. If you have any other questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to post. This blog is the information resource I wish I’d had when we were applying and I was panicked about where/if we’d get in to a good school. Actually, “panic” is a mild word to use as I got close to the end of the process. Same could be said about my group of friends who applied that year.

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