Giving Back To Our Community At The Willows School

PATH Lunch

It would be an understatement to say that this is the year to give back to our communities. With the economy still struggling, the need for anyone who is in a position to give back is more important than ever. Private elementary schools (like many public schools) are, for the most part, very generous when it comes to charitable giving and community service.

PATH Toiletries
My favorite community service program at The Willows School has always been the PATH program (People Assisting The Homeless). Every week, my kids and I make an extra home lunch in a brown bag (provided by the school) to give to the PATH program (Wednesdays at our school is home lunch day). These homemade lunches are comprised of whatever my kids are eating. One week it’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The next week, it might be turkey and cheese sandwiches. Our lunches always include something healthy and something yummy, along with a drink. The lunches are organized by Willows students and picked up by PATH. For the holidays, the school asked each student to put together a large ziplock bag of travel sized toiletries for PATH families who need these essentials. It’s simple, easy and meaningful.

Willows families recently served meals at the Westside PATH location, a wonderful way to continue giving through the holiday season.

This is only one of several excellent community service programs at The Willows Community School. These programs are needed now more than ever. I make sure my kids understand how important this work is to families they may never meet, but who will be very grateful for their efforts.

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  1. It's so great you're teaching your kids the importance of community service early on. This time of year, we tend to be so absorbed by what we want ourselves for the holidays. But holidays are as much about sharing and helping those less fortunate, if not more. Thanks for sharing your own story of how to stay grounded!

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