Example Of Private Elementary School Volunteer Jobs: The Willows School

Here is the list of The Willows School volunteer activities any parent can sign up for. As you can see, there’s lots to do at my kids school and at most private elementary schools. This isn’t even all of the volunteer positions that need to be filled (committee co-chairs, room parent and other leadership positions are generally offered to parents who have volunteered in one or more of the positions below first).
Hint: When you are writing your applications, look at the school’s events and volunteer activities to see if your skills or interests match their needs. If so, mention it in your application!! I’ve worked on the Book Fair, Co-Chaired the Auction, Served as Class Captain for the annual giving campaign and more. Everything I’ve done has been based on my interests and skills.
Most popular: #5 (Book Fair), #7 (Gardening), #8 (Hot Lunch)
Least Popular: #10 Lost and Found, #3 Auction Solicitation

1. AUCTION: Assist the Auction Co-Chairs in planning, organizing, and publicizing the Annual Auction and Party. (This is the biggest parent-run fundraiser of the year, so please join in the fun, there’s lots to do.)

2. AUCTION CATALOGUE CREATION: Help with writing, designing and formatting the catalogue entries for silent and live auctions
3. AUCTION ITEM SOLICITATION: Join the team in procuring fabulous auction items and sponsorships.
4. AUCTION ITEM MANAGEMENT: Database input and management of auction items.

5. BOOK FAIR: Help plan and organize the Fall Book Fair Celebration.

6. CULTURAL PROGRAMS: Help committee to promote a greater understanding of the history and diversity of cultures and people.
7. GARDENING: Garden with your child’s grade (DK through 2nd) in the learning garden on a semi-regular basis
8. HOT LUNCH: Assist the Hot Lunch program Co-Chairs. Act as a “lead” hot lunch server. “Lead” servers are asked to commit to overseeing the serving of hot lunch one day, every other week throughout the school year. (Hours are from 11:30 am –1 pm).
9. LIBRARY: Work with the Librarian and the Library Co-Chairs to assist in maintenance of the school library, Birthday Book Program and special projects. (Must commit to involvement in Book Fair and end-of-year inventory.)
10. LOST & FOUND: Help keep lost and found organized. Sort and deliver items with names to classrooms. Volunteers are asked to commit approximately one hour every other week.
11. PACIFIC PARK PIER EVENT: Help plan and organize the spring family event.
12. POSTER/SIGNAGE COMMITTEE (A): Looking for Graphic Designers to create posters/signage and invitations for school events. Knowledge of Photoshop and other design programs required.
13. POSTER/SIGNAGE COMMITTEE (B): If you are not a graphic designer, you can volunteers to print posters/signage on our large format printer, and then mount for use at school and special events. We will train on printer. Some knowledge of Photoshop required.
14. SCHOOL PHOTO COORDINATION: Work with co-chair to coordinate activities between photographer, yearbook staff, teachers, administration and parents. Coordinate scheduling for portraits, all school photo and class photos. Organize parent volunteers for photo shoots.
15. T-Shirt Sales. Assist in the organization, sales and delivery of Willows T-shirts, both regular and event (Book Fair and Pier Party) throughout the year.
16. VIDEOGRAPHY: Video various school activities and daytime/evening events as coordinated by Willows staff. Supply Communication/Media with footage we will share on our website and use in school video productions. Responsible for downloading footage to our Willows Yearbook server. Willows will supply a digital camcorder that can be checked out for use at the school. Download is easy with a DV memory card. It’s important to have some computer knowledge for downloading to a Macintosh.

17. YEARBOOK: Assist in the planning, assembly and production of the annual Willows yearbook.

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Christina Simon: Los Angeles, California, United States I'm the mom of two kids who attended The Willows School in Culver City and Viewpoint School in Calabasas. My daughter is a graduate of Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism ('23) and my son is a sophomore at UPenn/Wharton ('26). I live in Coldwater Canyon with my husband, Barry, and our dogs. Contact me at csimon2007@gmail.com

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  1. I Laughed, then I cryed, "moment". Unless one has experienced, Women armed with piping hot cups of starbucks, dressed in black piloti gear.. You have no idea what awaits. The funniest thing of all is each of these ladies all have ther own ajenda. To be noticed, and too leave their mark {on something} but, will settle for any other women in the room, if necessary. But, alas shan't we remember there is only, one queen bee!!!

  2. This might be a dumb question but, how do you find out what volunteer activities each school has? This is a great post because I've wondered how to bring up what we bring to the table as parents. Thank you (as always)!

  3. Hi Gina! I think your question is actually a really good one. There are several ways to find out what kind of volunteer opportunities a school has:

    1. Ask your tour guide during the school tour.

    2. Its helpful to think about volunteering in two ways:

    – There are the child-focused volunteer activities (library, hot lunch, room parent, helping teachers in the classroom, etc.)

    – Then there are the parent-oriented volunteer activities which are the
    school fundraisers (auctions, fairs, events) and the yearbook, graphic design projects, school newsletter/marketing, which don't directly involve the kids.

    3. Look at the school's website and see what kinds of events they showcase.

    4. Ask parents at the school to tell you what kind of volunteers the school needs.

    Even if you don't know specifically what the school needs, but you offer your time and skills, it will be appreciated!

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