Ethics Guru Josephson’s Lawsuit Against The Archer School For Girls in Brentwood

Archer School For Girls
The Archer School For Girls in Brentwood

In July, 2014, the LA Times published an article detailing the lawsuit by ethics guru Michael Josephson against his daughters’ former school, The Archer School For Girls in Brentwood (7-12th grade).


To summarize, after his older daughter was expelled for an argument with a teacher (facts are disputed), he filed suit against the school. Shortly thereafter, his younger daughter left the school just before the end of the school year and was subsequently told by Archer she could not re-enroll for the next school year. The entire Josephson family was banned from the Archer campus. His wife, Anne, had previously served on the Archer board of trustees. Josephson, an attorney, started a blog detailing his legal case against the school.


According to the Times, Josephson’s  lawsuit seeks $10 million in damages, which the school calls “frivolous.” The litigation is extremely contentious, settlement attempts appear to have failed and the school is seeking arbitration which Josephson is fighting in court. According to his blog, Josephson is seeking the resignation of the head of school, among other things. As of Oct. 2014, the matter had not been resolved.


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