Betsy Brown Braun, Educational Consultant and Parent Educator, Has A Must-Read New Book!






On Saturday afternoon, I attended a book signing for Betsy Brown Braun’s new book, You’re Not The Boss of Me: Brat-Proofing Your 4-12 Year Old Child, at my friend (and Willows School mom) Eve Newhart’s beautiful home. After signing books, Betsy was gracious enough to spend more than an hour answering our parenting questions.


I just finished reading Betsy’s new book. What a resource! The book offers parents practical advice and techniques to raise happy, confident, respectful and non-bratty children every step of the way. My kids are 6 and 9, so this book comes at exactly the right time for me. At the moment, I’m dealing with “mean girl” issues with my daughter and the constant changing of her friends.


I absolutely love Betsy’s practical, you-can-do-it approach. You will be able to read a section of the book, put it down and go apply her advice to whatever parenting challenging you’re having that day.


You’re Not The Boss Of Me includes chapters such as “I’m Bored” and “Is This The Only Present I Get? I especially love the list of 100 things you can say instead of the over-used phrase, “good job”.


Betsy writes with a magical blend of humor and authority. Reading the book, I felt as if I was getting parenting advice from a trusted friend who wasn’t afraid to be honest. This book will help guide me through the next few years and perhaps beyond. Both my kids have a strong perfectionist streak and the chapter, “Perfectionism” gives me insight into why they are like this (genes…my husband get the “credit” here) and “tips and scripts” to handle this characteristic.


In addition to being the mom of triplets (yes, that correct!), Betsy is also a renowned child development and behavior specialist, parent educator and preschool and elementary school educational consultant. She is the founder of Parenting Pathways, Inc.


To purchase a copy of You’re Not The Boss Of Me and to learn more about Betsy’s private consulting, parent seminars, blog and events, visit,


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  1. After hearing from friends who got wait listed at schools, I may decide to work with an education consultant. Thank you for the book review.

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