A Tale Of Two Preschools

Me and my preschoolers (photo: Elizabeth Beristain)

I posted this guest piece I wrote for Macaroni Kid Santa Monica on our Facebook Page. In case you missed it, I write about sending my daughter to a fancy preschool and my son to a no-frills school. The schools are very different, but each was wonderful in its own way.

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Christina Simon: Los Angeles, California, United States I'm the mom of a daughter (12th grade) and a son (9th grade) who attend Viewpoint School in Calabasas. I live in Coldwater Canyon with my family and a rescue pit bull, Piper. Contact me at csimon2007@gmail.com

2 thoughts to “A Tale Of Two Preschools”

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. It is very helpful. It is easy to get caught up in the whole experience of finding the "perfect" preschool for your child. While it is definitely an important decision. It is not always about the most popular or the most expensive one but about finding the right fit for the child.

  2. Kids definitely love this kind of set up. They feel free and adventurous. This is a good way of encouraging them to show their crafts.

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