Clearing Off The Sports Trophy Shelf

At a trophy ceremony where every team member gets a trophy. Happiness!
At an early ceremony where every team member got a trophy. That smile. Happiness!

My son came home recently and announced he wanted to get rid of all his “participation” trophies. Those are the trophies he got for being on a team, whether or not they won, whether or not they played well, whether or not everyone showed up. From the moment he hit the field in his first T-Ball game, he hasn’t stopped playing. His love of sports is part of who he his. But, after about six years of trophies that collected on his shelf he wanted to clear the space for the trophies his teams won. He got a trash bag, gathered them up and dumped them.

Participation trophies in the trash. It was time.
Participation trophies in the trash. It was time.

Now, at almost 11, my son understands what it takes to win a soccer or basketball championship. It doesn’t come easy, but when it happens its a big deal. So, the trophies he kept are from his team’s championships. It’s a smaller bunch, but one that has immense meaning to him.

Merit trophies. Hard-fought club team tournament championships.
Merit trophies. Hard-fought soccer club team tournament championships.

Standing next to Coach Freddy (Pacific Elite Basketball), my son knows how hard the team worked to win the championship.

Proud moment!
Proud moment! With Coach Freddy (Pacific Elite) a few months ago.
Anaheim Cup Champs
Anaheim Cup Soccer Champs