Wordless Weekend: Name That Private Elementary School-5 (Pics and Hints Provided!)

Located in the center of Pacific Palisades, this TK-6 has both traditional and developmental elements, built a new arts/athletic facility in 2007 and has a values program based on the Josephson Institute of Ethics model.


A traditional, college-prepratory Preschool-12th, this school is mildly religious, located East of Hancock Park and is one of the most diverse private schools in the city. It also has a very dynamic and impressive Head Of School.


Progressive, K-6, located in the Valley and written about by one of our guest bloggers who is a very happy parent there.


Called one of the "hottest" schools in town by an insider, this school is known for strong academics and a gorgeous garden. Located in the Valley.

If you can name a school, leave a comment! Check the comments in a few days for the answers.


Wordless Weekend: L.A. Summer Daze

Album Cover. One of my daughter's projects in photo class at Marlborough Summer School
My son at a soccer tournament in the OC. Team is FCLA/Galaxy Club
Our family at Disneyland for my kids' birthdays
Tennis Tournament at UCLA
Our family loves hiking at Tree People in Coldwater Canyon-my daughter and our dog (Taken with Instagram)
Take the Expo Line to the super-cool "Cleopatra" exhibit at California Science Center
Blogging! Writing for Beyond The Brochure, Momangeles and SuperMommyNot. (Taken with Instagram)
A decadent afternoon. The 100th anniversary of the BH Hotel. (Photo: Instagram)


Wordless Weekend: Name That L.A. Private Elementary School (Part Two)

A traditional K-6 in Bel Air located on a stunning campus. Known as a “feeder” to Harvard-Westlake (photo: Google Images)
Located in the Valley, this school has a friendly, rustic feel and impressive curriculum (photo: C. Simon)
This developmental K-6 school includes a program for students who are hearing impaired. (Photo: C. Simon)
A small, very progressive K-6 with a bohemian vibe on Mulholland (photo: Google Images)
This Santa Monica school is traditional, loved by its families and very academic (photo: Google Images)
This progressive, experimental Westside school uses a lottery based on geography and ethnicity to admit applicants. (Photo: Google Images)
Home Sweet Home! (photo: C. Simon)

If you can name that school (or even one!) leave a comment!

Wordless Weekend: New Photos

My daughter with a friend's puppet at Marlborough Summer Camp (photo: Instagram)


My family went to see Metropolis at LACMA. So FAB! (Photo: Instagram)
"Metropolis" at LACMA: Crazy-cool!
My boys at LACMA
Me in front of LACMA's "Levitated Mass"...its super-huge!
Scrutinizing LACMA's "Levitated Mass"

Wordless Weekend

L to R: Gloria Mitchell and Dale Cochran (Cedars Sinai Brain Trust), Dr. Keith Black, chairman and professor, Dept. of Neurosurgery, Cedars Sinai, Marylou Ferry, Avis Ridley-Thomas, Christina Simon and Barry Perlstein. It was my close friend Marylou's birthday. Barry and I were honored to welcome Dr. Black and guests to our home to recognize his amazing work. He operated on Marylou 13 years ago, removing a large brain tumor, saving her life. What an incredible event!
Willows 5th grade studied the American Revolution, went to Boston for 5 days and created a project that had revolutionary leaders Tweeting!
If they could have Tweeted during the American Revolution...
It was "clone" day at The Willows for the kids, but me and my friend D. showed up wearing chambray, totally unplanned!
At The Willows culmination. Third grade studied L.A.. My son shows us his project.
Blogging takes work! So serious:)