Gala-ing at Viewpoint School and Weekend Links!



Town and Country: What Makes The Rich Beg? Private Elementary School Admissions! The writer lives in L.A. and this article is written with humor about her experience applying to kindergarten for her twins, tuition costs, big donations to private schools and the fact that these schools can find out who you are with a quick Google or Facebook search.


NY Times Magazine: Is This The Best Education Money Can Buy? A fascinating article about a brand new private school in NYC with tuition of $43K per year, snacks which include zucchini bread made with quinoa flour and parents in charge. This might be your dream school or your worst nightmare!


NYT MotherlodeThe Playdate Gun Debate. I’ll never forget the time we attended a playdate with one of my kid’s classmates and the dad told the moms there (including me) that he had a gun locked upstairs in the safe. This wasn’t a family I ever expected to own a gun. After an awkward silence, somebody changed the subject.


USA Today Ranks Best Public High Schools in California. For those of you thinking about public high school, you might recognize a few of these local schools.


Tiger Baby Strikes Back on Yahoo Shine is a new book by a Kim Wong Keltner, a mom herself, who rejects the way she was raised with a mother who practiced the “Tiger Mom” approach to parenting, where getting a ‘B’ means a kid is a loser and brings shame.

Happy Mother’s Day!- Christina


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