Wordless Weekend: Name That L.A. Private Elementary School (Part Two)

A traditional K-6 in Bel Air located on a stunning campus. Known as a “feeder” to Harvard-Westlake (photo: Google Images)
Located in the Valley, this school has a friendly, rustic feel and impressive curriculum (photo: C. Simon)
This developmental K-6 school includes a program for students who are hearing impaired. (Photo: C. Simon)
A small, very progressive K-6 with a bohemian vibe on Mulholland (photo: Google Images)
This Santa Monica school is traditional, loved by its families and very academic (photo: Google Images)
This progressive, experimental Westside school uses a lottery based on geography and ethnicity to admit applicants. (Photo: Google Images)
Home Sweet Home! (photo: C. Simon)

If you can name that school (or even one!) leave a comment!