Los Angeles Private Elementary School Tuition: A List (Part 2)

We recently posted a list of L.A. private school tuitions┬áthat quickly became our most popular post.┬áHere’s Part 2 of the list. Part 3 will be a list of Pasadena school tuitions (coming soon!).

Tuition part 2 graphic

Blue Oak Creative Schoolhouse: $14,340 (Transitional K and K)

Echo Horizon: $22,500

Good Shepard: $7,250

The Oaks: $18,590

Laurel Hall: $9,620

Lycee International of Los Angeles (LILA): $13,990

Le Lycee Francaise: $15,100 (K) and $18,100 (grades 2-5)

New Roads Elementary: $24,440

Sierra Canyon Elementary: $22,550

St. Francis de Sales: $8,250 per year (non-parishioner family) and $6,690 (Parishioner family)

Stephen S. Wise: $22,080

Seven Arrows: $25,800

St. Matthews Episcopal School: $22,950

St. James Episcopal School: $18,650

Turning Point: $26,120

Westside Neighborhood School: $21,100

Westside Waldorf: $19,331

Wesley: $19,710


If you would like to add a school that’s not on our list, please leave a comment!