Separating Twins in School: What I Wish I Had Known by Gina Osher

My good friend, Gina Osher, writes the wonderful blog, The Twin Coach. Gina’s boy/girl twins just started kindergarten at a Westside private school. Here’s her recent blog piece about whether to separate them in different classes:


Have you ever heard that comment “I was a great parent until I became one”? I feel that way a bit about starting my kids in Kindergarten. I was a huge proponent of separating twins in school until I actually had to do it myself. Now I find myself longing for the simple days of preschool when they were in one, cozy classroom.


Don’t get me wrong. I am not changing my stance on separating multiples in school, I know it was the right thing to do for my children. I can tell already that they will be so much better off being in separate classrooms. But Mommy is having a hard time. Actually, mommy might be having a bit of a mental breakdown.


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