Oh, The Places They Go!

Cabo San Lucas

France, Italy, London, Los Angeles, Mexico, Asia. No, I’m not talking about the vacations of celebrities and supermodels, although they jet set too. I’m talking about the spring break vacations of some of L.A.’s private elementary school families.


Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of exposing kids to new places, cultures, foods and countries. And, I’m no stranger to Five Star resorts. Still, I’m astounded at the luxe vacations private elementary school parents take their young kids on for spring break. We’re not talking about high school or college graduation. We’re taking about 2nd grade spring break, 4th grade spring break, even kindergarten spring break to Thailand, Costa Rica and Switzerland.


Moroccan getaways, villas in Cabo, excursions to Japan, Thailand, Paris, Costa Rica and London. Statement vacations reign supreme. Jetting off on a moment’s notice without the hassle of horrifying body scans or sweltering 6 hour delays on the tarmac comes with the territory for a few of these families.


At The Willows School, a kid who traveled to an extremely exotic and faraway locale for spring break this year, regaled the entire grade with a slide show of the family’s trip, complete with editorial commentary that was meant to dazzle classmates.


I think its wonderful for kids to see remote places while they develop an appreciation and respect for other countries not their own. But, my kids will have to wait a while before we embark on a 15 hour flight to anywhere. Right now, my kids think Hawaii is awesome (because it is!) and I’m not going to try to try to change their opinion. My family also loves hanging out right here in my hometown.

Dinner with friends and family at The Reel Inn, Malibu, then a walk on my hometown beach. At Topanga Beach
Topanga State Beach
Lovely Los Angeles

If you’d rather wait until the kids are older to jet off to a fancy resort on the other side of the world, I’m with you. There are a lot of cool cultural and outdoor places to go right here in Los Angeles. Jennifer Brandt’s piece for Lifetime Moms about taking her son to the beach during her “summer of nothing” is so fun. Michelle Chiklis writes about a perfect day spent hiking in Temescal Canyon and then a bit of retail therapy. While spending the day as a tourist in your own city may not get your kid invited to present a slide show to the class, its certain to entertain and enlighten her.


Want to talk about summer vacations? How about Machu Picchu, Peru. Anyone want to go? Anybody at all? I thought so. They’ve already arrived and are posting pics on Facebook.