This is where it gets tricky.

Pool required. Hospitality not necessary.

Some of you might remember the post I wrote, “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: When School Volunteering Goes Wrong.  It generated a bunch of comments. It’s by far the worst—and last– tangle I’ve had with Willows School politics.


So, when an Evite popped up on my screen inviting my family to the 5th grade end of year pool party, imagine my delight disgust as soon as I saw the host. Its HER. The grandmother mom who still can’t look at me or speak to me after four years. Of course, I practically run when I see her, lest you think I’m smiling and waving hello.


I hit the delete button, but not before emailing the Evite to my husband with a “hell no” on the message. “Who else would want to do it?” came his reply.


Of course, I understand why this particular family is hosting this party. First, you must have a pool and yard large enough to hold kids from two classes (about 50 kids). You’ve also got to be willing to pay for it. And hire a lifeguard. And, most importantly, be willing to deal with the machinations behind private school gatherings.


What’s not necessary is to be on speaking terms with all the families in your grade. That obviously isn’t required to host this event.




Now that we have a pool, maybe I’ll offer to host next year!