Marlborough Head of School to Resign Following Sexual Harassment Investigation Report

Barbara Wagner, head of school at Marlborough School will resign effective June 30, 2015, following an investigation into her handling of allegations of sexual harassment brought by two former students against a former teacher. The report points to a “serious error in judgement by the head of school” when in 2005, Ms. Wagner failed to fully investigate a complaint by a student against the teacher, Mr. Koetters. The report states that Ms. Wagner incorrectly questioned the student’s veracity and motive regarding the teacher. According to the report, Ms. Wagner also failed to fully investigate a second student’s complaint about the teacher in 2012.


2:45 p.m. update: BuzzFeed quotes an attorney for one of the victims who says he’s not satisfied with the outcome. Looks like there may be a lawsuit brewing. The piece also quotes the mother of one victim.

Here is the report issued by the Board of Trustees and the Special Investigative Committee

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