Guest Blogger Susanna: The Los Angeles Private School Mom’s Alphabet (yes, it’s snarky!)


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The Los Angeles Private School Mom’s Alphabet (we’re not totally exempt…only for the most obnoxious stuff)


A is for ass-kissing for admissions

B is for buying your way in

C is for carb-free

D is for donations

E is for Einstein- every parent has one

F is for frenemies

G is for gardening- organic and by a professional gardener

H is for hidden costs

I is for injectables

J is for juicing

K is for karma- it’s going to be a bitch

L is for luxury items needed for the auction

M is for middle school hysteria

N is for never ending donations

O is OMG. Enough with the drama already!

P is personal everything: trainer, chef, assistant

Q is for quack doctors to make you look younger

R is for running every committee

S is for social climbing

T is for two-faced- best watch your back outside of committee meetings!

U is for the underserved students we raise money for once a year

V is for vaccination controversies

W is for world travel on every vacation and long weekend

X is for the number raised with the annual fundraiser- no one knows the amount

Y is for yoga pants

Z is for the zen you achieve when you realize elementary school won’t last forever.


Susanna Morgan’s attend a Los Angeles private elementary school. Susanna’s definitely not June Cleaver. A parenting non-expert and mom of two boys, she returned her pearls to her ex-husband’s family as part of their divorce. And now she’s reclaiming the life she wants. The pearls are off…


Style Profile: Anne Herwick, Oakwood School Mom and ‘Chic Mama LA’ writer

Anne Steadman Herwick
Anne Stedman Herwick


As soon as I read Anne Stedman Herwick’s fabulous blog, Chic Mama LAI knew I had to meet her! Luckily, I had the chance to meet Anne at a social media lunch I hosted recently for a group of L.A. mom bloggers and writers. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, she’s friendly and super-stylish.  On her beautifully photographed lifestyle blog, Anne keeps her readers informed about the hippest happenings around L.A., from new restaurants and bars, the best birthday party venues for kids to charitable giving organizations that makes a difference.


Anne’s “must have” looks for spring are right on trend, a bit edgy, always accompanied by a pop of color and perfect for an Oakwood School mom. Her current obsession? Anything by Isabel Marant! Thanks, Anne, for sharing the Maya Brenner state necklaces. I want one!


Anne Herman of Chic Mama LA
Anne Herwick of Chic Mama LA. Top: Zara, Leggings: Gap, Sneakers: Etoile Isabel Marant


Anne's Spring Must Haves:
Anne’s Spring Must Haves!


Anne's Spring Must Haves Part 2
Anne’s Spring Must Haves Part 2


Anne Stedman Herwick is a mom to two fun and vivacious boys (three if you count her husband!). She’s a mom at Oakwood Elementary School.  When she’s not busy running around with them, she’s creating her blog Chic Mama L.A.