Luxury Vacations and Staying Connected During Summers Off From LA Private Elementary Schools

Summer’s here and vacations are underway by families at private elementary schools around LA. Those of you who know me know that I really don’t like to travel. Yes, I willtravel (my family recently went to Palm Springs and New York City), but I love LA and I’m a true homebody.


So, when I hear private school families discussing their summer plans, I’m sometimes amazed. These are STATEMENT vacations. There’s nothing budget-friendly about these trips. It’s all about adventure, luxury and fabulous get-aways for weeks or even months at a time in private homes or high-end hotels. South Africa to watch the World Cup, Cabo San Lucas, Costa Rica, Deer Valley, White Water River Rafting, Hawaii, The Bahamas, Europe, The Hamptons, Maine, Martha’s Vineyard, other far-away destinations. Do the kids go too? Usually. And the nannies too? Definitely. Oh, and I suppose these trips are made easier if one has a private plane (or access to one). The airports these days are not very family-friendly.


That’s not to say that everyone at private schools take extravagant vacations. Those who don’t often take mini get-aways (my favorite kind of trip!) to San Diego, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs. Or, even our local beaches!


We’re going to La Costa near San Diego for two days in August. That’s plenty of travel for me!


In the meantime, helping my kids stay in touch with their friends has been one of my priorities. My son is at Iverbe Sports Camp (The Willows Summer Camp) with his friends and he’ll do UCLA Sports Camps with a few friends too. My daughter is at Marlborough Summer Camp with three of her Willows School friends, which is great. Staying connected with other families over the summer in LA is always important to me. Especially since I’m not an enthusiastic traveler.