Fund(rais)ing L.A.’s Private Elementary Schools on The Daily Truffle and Huffington Post*

I’m so thrilled to be guest blogging over at The Daily Truffleone of my favorite sites. The site is written by private school graduates from L.A. (Harvard-Westlake, John Thomas Dye and others) and calls itself A Los Angeles Social Diary. – Christina Simon


Here’s an excerpt of my piece :

Springtime in L.A. is the season when private grade schools host auctions, gala events, and swank soirees at fancy hotels, studio lots, and LA country clubs designed to raise additional funds to pad the $25,000 base fee of sending kids to ‘John Dye’, Buckley, Curtis, the ‘Center’ and all the other early educational top LA tickets.


That might sound high but the $25k tuition doesn’t even cap the operating budget of any private elementary school and additional money is always needed for teacher salaries, employee benefits, school supplies, and financial aid.

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*This piece is also featured on The Huffington Post today (Feb. 25).