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Johnny Depp (Photo: Wildsound Filmmaking)
  • Johnny Depp and his ex, Vanessa Paradis, hosted the end-of-summer party for their kid’s grade at this Valley private K-12 school.  According to our friend whose kid attended the soiree, it was drop off with Vanessa hosting. For those longing hoping to see Johnny, he wasn’t there.
  • One mom we know was upset to learn she’d no longer be chairing a prominent school committee when the list was published and her name wasn’t on it. Whatever happened to treating “community” volunteers like…well, like volunteers?
  • Will Elizabeth Berkeley (Showgirls) be returning for another year as life skills advisor to middle school girls at The Willows? Curious dads want to know.
  • More about The Center For Early Education’s (CEE) well-oiled “feeder school” path to Harvard-Westlake. Our friend, Ronnie Cazeau, left Harvard-Westlake to take a job as head of school in Seattle. She was the dean of the H-W Middle School and its former admissions director. Ronnie’s kids attended CEE and she was a CEE board member. In our last Buzz, we mentioned the “cozy” Hudnut family connections between CEE and H-W.
  • A very well-informed source tells us the #1 “feeder school” to Harvard-Westlake is Carlthorp, which sends up to 75 percent of its class each year to H-W. “If they want in, they’re in,” says our source.
  • Casa Vega, the dive-y Mexican restaurant on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, is a hangout for some socialite-moms at Curtis School.

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