Which City Has The Highest Private Elementary School Tuition?

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Curious to see which city’s private elementary schools are the most expensive? Check out my latest piece for Elizabeth Street!


It’s no secret that the cost of private elementary school tuition isn’t easy on the wallet. America’s private schools educate the children of the most influential and wealthy families, including President Barack Obama, supermodel Heidi Klum and Bill Gates. These schools–and their curriculum, experienced teachers, incredible extracurricular activities–are highly coveted and hard to get into.


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Los Angeles Private Elementary School Tuition: A List (Part 2)

We recently posted a list of L.A. private school tuitions that quickly became our most popular post. Here’s Part 2 of the list. Part 3 will be a list of Pasadena school tuitions (coming soon!).

Tuition part 2 graphic

Blue Oak Creative Schoolhouse: $14,340 (Transitional K and K)

Echo Horizon: $22,500

Good Shepard: $7,250

The Oaks: $18,590

Laurel Hall: $9,620

Lycee International of Los Angeles (LILA): $13,990

Le Lycee Francaise: $15,100 (K) and $18,100 (grades 2-5)

New Roads Elementary: $24,440

Sierra Canyon Elementary: $22,550

St. Francis de Sales: $8,250 per year (non-parishioner family) and $6,690 (Parishioner family)

Stephen S. Wise: $22,080

Seven Arrows: $25,800

St. Matthews Episcopal School: $22,950

St. James Episcopal School: $18,650

Turning Point: $26,120

Westside Neighborhood School: $21,100

Westside Waldorf: $19,331

Wesley: $19,710


If you would like to add a school that’s not on our list, please leave a comment!