Private Elementary School Buzz!

  • Manassa Tangalin has announced her retirement as the executive director of the Independent School Alliance for Minority Affairs of Southern CaliforniaHer replacement has not yet been named. The Independent School Alliance was founded by its members schools for the purpose of placing underrepresented students at the elementary and secondary levels.
  • Intense dislike for a lower elementary school teacher at one Westside private school has caused several families to exit the school. Apparently the teacher’s abrasive style with kids is causing the friction, but the head of school stands behind the teacher.
  • We hear that a very unfortunate situation is brewing at a respected traditional parochial school in L.A. At the start of this school year, a serious allegation was made anonymously that a newly hired male teacher was known to have acted very inappropriately at a previous job. Phone calls to families in the grade and an anonymous email letter have circulated. The school tried unsuccessfully to find out who made the allegation.  The situation remains unresolved and it is unclear whether there is any truth to the matter. However, some staff and parents have been shaken up by the controversy.