Upcoming Event: Parent Education League’s L.A. Kindergarten Admissions Panel, May 18, 2016

Parents Education League

What: Parents Education League will be hosting its annual kindergarten admissions event featuring Los Angeles area admissions directors.

When: Wednesday, May 18, 2016 at 7:00 pm.

Where: Bel Air Presbyterian Preschool.

Cost: $30 non-members, free for members



Leslie Clark – Calvary Christian School

Christian Davis – Turning Point School

Emma Katznelson – Wildwood School

Beth Kemp – PS1 Pluralistic School

Lauren Wolke – Laurence School

Lisa Zide – Sinai Akiba School

Moderator – Kendall Pillsbury – Sierra Canyon School


Moderated panel topics will include:

•What is Kindergarten Readiness and how do I know if my child is “ready”?

What about summer birthdays and “redshirting”?

•What are the differences between DK, TK, and Pre-K?

•When do I begin applying for Kindergarten?

•How many schools should I apply to?

•What is involved in the application process?

•What do I look for during school visits?

•Does my child’s “learning style” matter?

•What makes a good fit?

•How do Independent schools differ from Public and Charter schools?

•What is Financial Aid and is it available?

•What do I do if my child is wait listed?


This panel discussion will focus only on private/Independent school admissions.

Hosted by Bel Air Presbyterian Preschool. 

For more information, visit, www.parentseducationleague.org


Note: There is also a Parents Education League Middle School Admissions Panel on May 4th, 2016.


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Free K+ Admissions Event hosted by Parents Education League-Thurs. May 15

PEL Event
If you’re interested, there is an impressive group of admissions directors on this panel.


WHAT: Parents Education League -Elementary School Admissions Panel


WHEN: Thursday, May 15 hosted by Parents Education League.


WHERE: Pacific Design Center. Note: event is full, but wait-list status is available. PEL is looking for a larger space for the event (per FB).


Sponsored by ScholarShare, California’s 529 College Savings Program.