Guest Blogger Kim Hamer: Parent Faux Pas At The Secondary School Fair

A Pretty, But Misguided Gift For Admissions Directors 

Two weeks ago, I attended the  Secondary School Consortium event. Think Kindergarten Fair for Los Angeles private schools grades 4 – 12.  

It was an evening event in a crowded, small room.  Here are a two mistakes I observed parents making.  
My first observation was that there were quite a few 5- 6th grade kids there who were with their parents. This was an adults only event.
Then, I noticed one mom had sprigs of lavender tied together with an organza ribbon. Her daughter had on a purple top.  The mom guided her daughter to several tables to meet the admissions director. The daughter then handed the lavender to the admissions director.  The two admissions directors she handed them to that I saw were NOT the kind who would appreciate sprigs of lavender. 

I was appalled that these moms thought it was OK to ignore the “adults only” rule that the admission directors as a group set!  

I was also appalled at that one mother thought it was a good idea to have her daughter, who is not even supposed to be there, introduce herself and hand the admissions directors her gift in a blatant attempt to make an impression! 
She did make an impression and it is one she will have to work past just to be even with the other candidates! 
These events are not for kids and they are NOT the place to try and make an impression.  Please don’t make that mistake!

Kim Hamer is a former private school expert. Her children attended PS#1 School in Santa Monica and Windward School.