Reader Question: What Should I Expect From Parent Coffees?




One of our wonderful readers emailed us to ask what to expect at the parent coffee events held by private schools during the admissions process.


Porcha Dodson, Beyond The Brochure co-author says:

“Parent coffees can be in the morning or evening. It is usually a great opportunity to get information on the school, see the facility/campus, meet the important folks and check out the vibe of the school. Its very casual and informative. However, its also not a time to ask a million individual questions at that time. No stress. I definitely recommend attending for sure!”


Christina Simon says:

“I’ve been to several of these parent coffees. They are informal, but everyone is watching everyone else! At some events, the admissions director will make remarks. Its a chance for prospective parents to see the school, meet the administrators and even other parents. Attending these events can be stressful. But, just remember you’re there to show your interest in the school. They are hosting this event because they want you to attend. If you can, introduce yourself to the admissions director and let her know how much you like the school. Don’t worry about what other parents are doing or saying! You’ll see and hear a lot of posturing that you need to ignore.”