Wordless Weekend: Name That Private Elementary School-5 (Pics and Hints Provided!)

Located in the center of Pacific Palisades, this TK-6 has both traditional and developmental elements, built a new arts/athletic facility in 2007 and has a values program based on the Josephson Institute of Ethics model.


A traditional, college-prepratory Preschool-12th, this school is mildly religious, located East of Hancock Park and is one of the most diverse private schools in the city. It also has a very dynamic and impressive Head Of School.


Progressive, K-6, located in the Valley and written about by one of our guest bloggers who is a very happy parent there.


Called one of the "hottest" schools in town by an insider, this school is known for strong academics and a gorgeous garden. Located in the Valley.

If you can name a school, leave a comment! Check the comments in a few days for the answers.