Style Profile: Sarah Kate Levy, Temple Israel Mom, Writer of of “ChecklistMommy”

Sarah Kate Levy, mom of 4 at Temple Israel and writer of Jeans: J. Crew Matchstick, Shoes: Vince Camuto. Photo: Greer Inez


Editor’s Note: I’ve gotten to know Sarah Kate Levy in person through our blogger group. She’s a smart, petite, adorable, funny, inspiring mom of 4 kids who has a ton of energy, and is super-organized (hence her popular blog Checklist Mommy). She also just co-founded Momcierge, a fantastic service for expectant moms who need help getting organized and ready for their baby.Here’s Sarah Kate’s style profile and make sure to check out her blog!- Christina


My kids go to Temple Israel of Hollywood (TIOH), which we initially chose because it is all of 11 minutes from our house and because I liked the idea of a progressive Jewish education as a hedge against our kids becoming vapid, entitled jerks in a city that – and I can say this because I love this town – is full of them.


TIOH, I am thrilled to say, is not. The community is warm and creative and incredibly down-to-earth, and the Mom-style there reflects that. It’s a pretty basic East Side vibe.


Most days of the week, the parking lot is rocking an even mix of:

  • Pajamas
  • Yoga pants
  • Gap
  • J Crew
  • Goodwill
  • Vintage / punk-y
  • Designer accents (no one I’ve seen there is ever head-to-toe)


I have moved through the whole gamut over the last four years, and no one has batted an eye. No one ever comments when some Mom shows up with an overcoat over her nightgown, because most of us have been there.


But everyone goes nutso crazy when one of us shows up in a clean drape-y blouse over clean jeans, or throws some lipstick on. I know this because when I bother to make an effort, which I’m doing more lately because I’m working more, I get so much love at drop-off I feel like the hottest Mom on earth.

ChecklistMommy's Spring 2013 Uniform

ChecklistMommy’s Spring 2013 Uniform by Sarah Kate Levy on Polyvore

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For more information, visit Temple Israel of Hollywood