8 Steps To Getting Your Kid Into Private Elementary School on mom.me



Applying to private elementary school is like trying to set up an arranged marriage, one Los Angeles preschool director told me.


She’s so right.


The entire process is an awkward series of applications, interviews and events, all attempts to find out if you’re the right match for each other. But to even get to that point, you’ll need to know what steps in the admissions process are required. Only after that will you know whether you have found a perfect match.


As a mom of two kids, 11 and 14, I’ve been through the kindergarten and middle school admissions process twice for each kid. Here are the eight steps you need to take when applying to private elementary schools:


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How To Navigate Private School Admissions on mom.me


I’m SO excited to be a new contributor to mom.me, a national parenting site (part of AOL Lifestyle). –Christina


Here’s an excerpt from my piece, part one of two in a series.


“When you embark on this journey, you might feel like Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz,” as she travels down the Yellow Brick Road and encounters all kinds of characters (some admissions directors may remind you of the Wicked Witch). So, put on your ruby red slippers to navigate the ups and downs of the admissions process. When it’s over, you’ll (hopefully!) be holding a handful of acceptance letters as you pop open a bottle of celebratory champagne.”

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