Weekend Links: Yearbook Pics By Celeb Photographer, Matt Damon’s Kids Attend Progressive LA Private School

The Second Edition: Coming Sept./Oct. 2013!
The Second Edition: Coming Sept./Oct. 2013!

Much controversy has ensued over the idea of offering subsidized loans for preschool for middle-income families in NYC (middle income can mean $200K/year in NYC) (Slate) and a super-snarky take on the issue in Jezebel


Not surprising. LA Private Schools Using Celebrity Photographers For Yearbooks (CBSlocal.com)


Why Private Schools Are Dying Out. This story sites charter schools as competition for private schools. Really interesting read. (The Atlantic)


Helpful if you’re undecided about public or private school. What To Consider When Thinking About Public or Private School (Great Schools)


We The People documentary chronicles controversial new charter school law in Los Angeles public school, called the Parent Trigger Law. (The Daily Beast)


An amazing, touching article on Friday by my friend and former neighbor at Cal Berkeley, Kurt Streeter. Kurt chronicles the first year of a Cal Freshman from South L.A. Spoiler alert: This may make you cry. (LA Times)


In case you missed it, from our Facebook page this week:

Matt Damon decides to send his kids to LA private schools, despite his advocacy for public schools. Lots of discussion, comments on our FB page. (Daily Mail)


Experiential Learning at Seven Arrows School, Palisades. A wonderful progressive school. (Launch Education Group)


This is devastating to this school…Nine filthy rich board members resign from Horace Mann prep school in NYC, over handling of a sex scandal. (NY Post)


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