Dear Admissions Director: (From The SFK Files)


Here’s an open letter to an admissions director written on the San Francisco schools blog, The SFK files. It’s funny and I think a lot of us can relate to it. 


Hi. You might remember me from the school tour or the two open houses we attended? Or, you might remember us from parent social, Q & A panel at school or our interview (which you were 35 minutes late to)? Maybe you even remember us from our daughter’s play date or perhaps our application and essays ring a bell? I am hoping that you do remember us from at least one of the seven events we attended to learn about your school.

You were so nice and welcoming at the time. I guess that’s your job – a sort of sales person, per se. Gosh, you even sent us a holiday card and a thank you card. I was beginning to feel like this was the start of something beautiful. I sent you emails, you responded. I left you messages, you called us back.


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Dear Admissions Director