15 Of The Most Affordable Private Elementary Schools in L.A. and Pasadena

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Our post about tuition is one of the most popular on the blog. So, I thought a piece highlighting some of the most affordable private schools would be useful. I selected private elementary schools with tuition lower than $15K per year. There’s nothing magical about tuition under $15K except that less expensive schools can be hard to find. I also know families at most of these schools and I’ve great things about them all. Tuition is usually listed in the “admissions” section of school websites. Please note that tuition listed is for 2014-15 and does not include additional one-time fees, If you’re looking for a budget-conscious private elementary school, you should definitely check out these schools!


In alphabetical order:


1. Cathedral Chapel, Miracle Mile, $4,830/year (non-Catholic students) $4,200/year (Catholic students)


2. Ergemont School, Chatsworth. $13,209/year (Preschool & K)


3. Good Shepard Catholic School, Beverly Hills $8,100/year


4. High Point Academy, Pasadena, $12,650/year


5Laurel Hall, North Hollywood, $10,000/year


6Lycée International de Los Angeles (LILA), $14,900/year


7Notre Dame Academy, West L.A., $8,100/year


8St. Bede’s Catholic School, La Canada-Flintridge $6,000/year or $4,800/year for qualifying parishioners


9Saint Francis De Sales, Sherman Oaks $8,540/year or $7,000/year for qualifying parishioners


10. St. Paul’s, Westwood, $12,500/year of $8,300/year for qualifying parishioners


11. St. Phillip The Apostle, Pasadena. $9,970/year or $7,850 for qualifying parishioners


12. St. Timothy, Rancho Park, $8,700/year or $7000 /year for qualifying parishioners


13The Valley School, $9,300/year


14. Venice Lutheran, $7,450/year


15. Westside Lutheran School, Westchester, $9,570/year


Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons by Tax Credit


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L.A. Private Elementary School Tuition: Fast Facts

Here’s our infographic to give you the dollars and cents (sense!) about L.A. private elementary school tuition.

Tuition Infographic Part 1

Tuition Infographic Part 2



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The Costs of L.A. Private Elementary School: The First Year



Getting your first enrollment contract can be exciting and daunting. As you may have noticed, tuition isn’t the only cost of private school. Now, I’m not complaining, I’m just saying…its something to think about. The reason I’m not complaining is that I think private school is worth every penny. I really do! Even so, very few of us are immune from the stresses of the family budget and the hefty price tag associated with a good private school education.


Here’s a breakdown of some of the fees you can expect. Tuition is the big expense, but it’s not the only one. This is not based on one school, but our own example of what an L.A. private elementary school might cost.



Tuition:  $24,000 (can be paid in full or using a monthly payment plan which charges interest and requires tuition insurance)


Facility Fee: $750


Class Trip Fee: $200


Parent Association Fee: $75.00


Field Trips: Many field trips are free, but overnight trips can cost several hundred dollars.


Hot Lunch (optional). Many schools offer hot lunch and the cost will depend on the school and how often your child orders hot lunch, but it can cost about $6.00 per day. 


Enrichment Classes (optional): These afterschool classes like cooking, art and sports generally cost about $100 per class. You should note that many kids take more than one enrichment class per session. There can be two or three sessions per year.


Teacher Holiday Gifts/Gift Fund (optional)


School Bus: $2000/year


School Uniforms: $500/year


Aftercare Programs/Extended Care: Many schools offer afterschool enrichment classes and aftercare for parents who work. Every school is different, but the cost of after school care can be substantial and is definitely something you should budget for if you need it.


Spring Break and Summer Camps: Some schools offer their own camps during vacations. If your school has a camp, it’s convenient and a good way for your kid to be with their friends. The costs for school camps start at about $350/week and may include lunch.


The other costs like Annual Giving, school fundraisers, classroom charitable projects and bake sales, moms night out are worthy of a separate post (coming soon).