K-8 Private Elementary School Model

Families at The Willows Community School recently received a letter from the Board of Trustees updating us on campus projects and thanking families for our help with various school accomplishments over the past year.

The letter also discussed the merits of a K-8 school on the same campus, which is the Willows School model. Here is an excerpt from the letter:
“At The Willows, children have the opportunity to become natural leaders, and all our students, from youngest to oldest, are surrounded by a faculty that knows each individual child. Remaining in an environment which many of our students know as a second home allows our children to retain their confidence and sense of safety during both childhood and early adolescent years that follow…and, once again, this year’s 8th grade graduates who applied to independent schools received multiple acceptances and gained admission into one or more of his top choices.”
When I was applying to kindergarten for my daughter, I didn’t really think about the various school models. We loved the Willows immediately, but I was more concerned about getting into at least one school! Therefore, I focused on the kindergarten and not much beyond that. It’s difficult to project ahead years down the road when you have a young child. But, I can say that the K-8 campus is really unique. When I walked into Marlborough this summer to drop off my soon-to-be 10 year old daughter for summer camp, I was amazed at how Marlborough is really designed for older kids (it is a 7-12 school). It’s a wonderful summer program and a fantastic school. My daughter has loved every minute at summer camp, but she misses The Willows.