Fast Forward: Harvard-Westlake School’s Annual Report

My family received the Harvard-Westlake School’s 2009-10 Annual Report. We don’t have any connection to the school. We got it because we contributed to a memorial fund for our friends, Scott and Jody Siegler’s amazing daughter, Julia Siegler, who was tragically struck by a car and killed while trying to catch the bus this past February. The cover photo, above, shows Harvard-Westlake students joining hands in honor of Julia and another student who died.

Here are a few highlights from the Annual Report:
  • Heritage Circle- $50,000 and up. Number of donors: 49
  • Community Circle- Under $1,500. Number of donors: 596
Here are some of the college matriculations for Harvard-Westlake Class of 2010:
  • Arizona State (1)
  • Carleton College (1)
  • Chapman University (1)
  • Columbia University (11)
  • Duke University (3)
  • Earlham College (2)
  • Harvard University (7)
  • Indiana University (1)
  • Kenyon College (1)
  • NYU (12)
  • Northeastern (1)
  • Northwestern (4)
  • Pepperdine (1)
  • Princeton (5)
  • Stanford (9)
  • UC Berkeley (1)
  • UCLA (6)
  • Yale (8)
Percent of students receiving financial aid: 17%

Not mentioned in the Annual Report, but possibly of interest. Thomas Hudnut, former President of Harvard-Westlake is married to Dee Dee Hudnut, Admissions Director at the Center For Early Education. As many of you may know, The Center is known as a “feeder” school to Harvard-Westlake.