Touring, But Not Finding The Right Schools?

Beautiful art studio at Polytechnic School, Pasadena. Photo:
Beautiful art studio at Polytechnic School, Pasadena. Photo:

Recently a mom posted in an online Facebook Group that she wasn’t finding the type of L.A. private schools she was looking for. If this is happening to you (or happens once you start looking at schools), here are a few ways to find the private schools you will like:


  • Tour schools with a different educational philosophy than you’ve previously seen. It’s possible you thought you wanted a traditional school or perhaps a religious school, but maybe you’d be more in sync with a school that is a blend of educational philosophies. Finding the right philosophical fit for your family is important says Dr. Fay Van Der Kar-Levinson on Kids In The House
  • Ignore the hype! Instead, ask a few trusted parents whose advice you value which schools they recommend
  • Expand your geographic area (within reason). This worked for me!
  • Talk to your preschool director; ask his/her opinion about schools that might be a good fit for your family. This also worked for me.
  • Think carefully about the school you think will best fit your child. Try to think ahead a few years to what your child’s learning style and interests might be. Selecting a structured or unstructured classroom learning approach is a key element to observe, as Dr. Fay Van Der Kar-Levinson points out on Kids In The House.
  • Tour the school a second time if your first tour left you with questions.
  • Gather your thoughts and examine or re-examine your priorities. If finding a school close to your spouse’s office isn’t happening, think about other options.