Ad Astra School founded by Elon Musk accepting applications for 2019-20, per Quartz

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This article by Quartz gives information about how to apply to Ad Astra School for 2019-20. It looks like the deadline is January 1. Here are the questions students and parents must complete to apply.


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Happy Weekend! FB Recap and More!

Such a fun event! At Mommy Greenest's book launch with Laila Ali and Rachel Sarnoff at Naturepedic.
Such a fun event! At Mommy Greenest’s book launch with Laila Ali and Rachel Sarnoff at Naturepedic.

What a busy end-of-school-year season! I’m looking forward to a low-key summer. Maybe you are too? But first, my son is graduating from elementary school and my daughter is graduating from middle school. I’m incredibly proud of them for their hard work, perseverance, humor and most of all, their kindness.


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