Lakeshore Learning’s “Are You Ready For K?” Game Giveaway!


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Since my kids were very young, Lakeshore Learning has been one of my family’s favorite go-to places for great educational games, toys and learning activities. Now, Lakeshore Learning has a new game, Are You Ready For Kindergarten?


You can enter to WIN one free copy of Are You Ready For Kindergarten? 


Are You Ready For Kindergarten? is a quiz show style board game intended to be a fun way to engage your kid in learning activities designed by educators to help them get ready for kindergarten. My kids are too old for this game, but they would have loved playing it because anything about getting ready for kindergarten got them excited about that next big step.


Are You Ready For K? 2

Developed by teachers and educators, Are You Ready For Kindergarden? includes a feature on where you can enter your child’s game results, get an instant online assessment and print out free materials tailored to your kid’s results, focused on any areas where your child needs practice. What’s not to love about that?


If you’re applying to L.A. private elementary schools, this game might be just the activity you’ve been looking for to help your child get ready for visiting/testing day. It’s probably no surprise that some of the game’s questions look very similar to those on assessment tests for private kindergarten.


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Obviously, obviously, obviously, a game shouldn’t be the deciding factor as to whether your child is ready for kindergarten. This is just for fun! Are Your Ready For Kindergarten? is an entertaining board game complete with quiz show style math and language questions, pretend cash and a personal online assessment and custom teaching tool!


Are You Ready is the first game in a series for Kindergarten-5th grade.


It is super-easy to enter the giveaway!


1. Leave a “reply” (comment) on this blog.


2. You can use an anonymous name, but you must enter your correct email address (it is only visible to Beyond The Brochure, not to the public.) We will contact the winner using this email.


3. Giveaway ends Thursday, May 29, 2013 at 9:00 p.m. PST. Winner will be chosen randomly.  Retail value: $29.99

 Update! Congratulations to our winner, Sara. 

Good luck!

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