Perspective, Right?


My soccer loving son after a game.
My soccer loving son after a game.

Admissions week. Because this can be a truly exhausting and stressful time for anybody who hasn’t finalized their private school admissions plan, I thought I’d offer some links that offer something very important: perspective.


It’s too easy to get caught up in our own worlds, forgetting that people close by and far away have needs that are so profound it shocks us. If there was ever a week to celebrate private school good news, distract yourself while you wait or take a longer-term view of short term bad news, this is it. Remind yourself that today is today and tomorrow is a new day. I often do this, especially when I’m under pressure.


My friend Jennifer Brandt of Perfectly Disheveled traveled to Haiti with Ladies Home Journal and Croc Cares to provide shoes to Haitian kids. Her photos are breathtaking.


Jenny Feldon of Karma, Cont. spent a morning here in L.A. volunteering at Baby2Baby.


I absolutely LOVE this short video piece on a new site, Kids In The House about loving our kids unconditionally.


Or, just read something that makes you laugh! From The Sassy Curmudgeon in The Huffington Post